Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Best-Laid Plans

"The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men
Gang aft agley…” 
- Robert Burns, "To a Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest with the Plough,” 1785
Hibernating with my sweet rescue Basset girl

The above quote paraphrased in English reads, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” 

I’ve been away from my blog for many months. To be sure, many bloggers find themselves in a similar situation. When life is happening and you are sick every day, something has to give in order that you may meet your personal obligations. Often that which is not crucial to survival gets ignored.

I have managed to continue to participate in the conversations on Facebook and Twitter, but I am reminded that social media platforms may come and go, but blogging will remain.

In this, my 30th year with Rheumatoid Disease, I am excited about the plans I have for this space. Not only is a redesign and move to WordPress on on the way, but my Evernote account boasts quite a list of topics and private rants waiting to be fleshed out and polished for public consumption. 

Every week there are new scientific studies to report upon, as well as fresh epiphanies gleaned through daily living with Rheumatoid Disease. Communicating online with other patients with RD and other inflammatory autoimmune disorders and chronic illness yields new insights; frequently, these are actionable. Encouraging fellow patients to better advocate for themselves with loved ones and healthcare providers (HCPs) is a primary reason I participate in these conversations. 

There is also a major push in the healthcare world to make care more “patient-centered.” Dare I say it has become trendy! Yet it seems medicine, like other traditional, entrenched professions, is extremely slow to change. Every week there is news on the #epatient and #participatorymedicine front, which is central to our experiences as chronically ill people, but is more universal than that. Eventually every one of us humans will be a patient. 

So you can expect some personal thoughts from me, as well as curated content from the most relevant thought leaders in rheumatology, personalized medicine, participatory medicine, and the e-patient movement. I have met so many inspiring activists who I look forward to bringing to the attention of anyone following my journey.

Carry on!
Rheumatoid Awareness Day is Feb. 2! Click for info!

P.S. - Rheumatoid Awareness Day is Feb. 2! I’ll be participating in RAWarrior’s Blog Carnival, as well as changing my social media profiles to increase awareness of Rheumatoid Disease (aka Rheumatoid Arthritis). Take a look here to find graphics you can save and use in your social media profiles to spread awareness of this 2nd annual event!  It’s easy to spread awareness on Facebook by joining the online event and sharing to your FB profile! Check out RAD gear so you can spread Rheumatoid awareness in real life (IRL)! Lastly, make a donation to the RPF to be matched by Crescendo Bioscience!

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